Happyfotos.net is a subsidiary of Happymoments specializing in providing high quality lifestyle portraitures for children, families, couples, and friends.

“I enjoy creating images that are clean, simple, timeless, and natural. I believe portraiture is about capturing my subject’s truest self in the most relaxed and beautiful way. I admired looking at my subjects of all ages and would passionately capture their beauty, personality, and relationship.” - Benna Lo

About the Photographer - Benna Lo

Benna Lo is the photographer of Happyfotos.net. She currently takes the position of Art Director and Co-Founder of Happymoments.net. Benna sees Happyfotos as a personal channel to ‘feed her soul’ as photography had always been her life passion. She loves to create, and enjoys tremendously at documenting happy moments of people’s life through her photographs and her designs. Being very sensitive to beauty and critical to her own work, she strives to deliver the best documentation of life moments by encapsulating them with her artistic vision.

To view more details about our photography services and packages, please visit our portfolio website www.happyfotos.net

About this Blog :
This blog serves as a documentation of my photography works and thoughts. It is my usual practice to backdate the blog post to the day in which the photoshoot took place after few weeks. I would try best to feature as many sessions as possible if condition allows. All posts have been categorized with tags to ease your search of related works. Special promotions will be posted on this blog under “Special Packages”. Please subscribe to my RSS feeds to receive updates.

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