Beautiful Moments (Part 32) - Summer Photography Course

I was invited by HK Federation of the Blind to be in charge of a beginners summer photography workshop for their members’ children.  There were 9 students at age of 8-16. My task was to teach them some basic concepts for photography thru samples, exercise, and life demonstration.

These are some of the contents covered in the workshops:

  • What is F-stop
  • What is shutter speed
  • What is ISO
  • Lens differences (Wide angle v.s. Tele)
  • Do’s & Don’ts (Things to watch out when taking a photograph)
  • Angles (Bird’s eye view, Eye Level, Worm’s eye view and their effects on the subject)
  • Key components to a photograph
  • Bounce card v.s Direct Flash
  • Light Painting
  • Handling of camera
  • Caring for the camera

I had great fun with my students during these two 3-hour workshops.  Every student was very attentive and they all passed my oral tests at the end :)
I must thank HKFB again for giving me such opportunity and looking forward for more fun classes in the future.

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