Get into the twitter hype

I had heard about it for so long and never really know what it was about. Well, the other day I had decided to join Twitter. I must say that it is a great tool to pull us (i.e.: me and you) closer together. You can ‘follow’ the people that you are interested in and receive instant update that answers the question “What are you doing?” right now. It is somewhat similar to rss newsfeed but just that you get all the news on same page, and the news are from real people that you know. You can post pictures and links via tools such as Twitpic or TinyUrl instantly via your phone to keep your followers updated. I followed some best friends, some photographers, vendors, business partners, plus some people / ezines that I am interested in.


I know at times I thought this seems like a pointless (or 無聊) habit… like why would someone care about what I do… like what I eat or who did I have lunch with. but actually, after joining nearly 2 weeks, it feels so good to have just few good friends up there that really cared. It is quite fun that I can check what they do everyday despite we are miles apart.

happyfotos twitter

Another photographer posted a video on how Twitter impacted his life. [B]ecker is one of my favorite wedding photographers. His website and portfolio is amazing, and elegantly inspirational.

Oprah Winfrey also mentioned Twitter on her show on April 17, 2009… Twitter’s server went down the next day due to sudden increase of new signups. She actually got 36,800+ new followers the next day.–> more details on this article “Oprah will kill Twitter, right?”

Happymoments Facebook Group

Twitter has its power, just like Facebook. As a daily Facebook user myself, I think these two are really good tools to connect with people. If you are on Facebook, please join my newly launched group “Happymoments | Modern Children’s Portraiture“. :) Some useful resources will be send to all members periodically about photography and children.

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