Beautiful Moments (XVII) - Bringing Smiles to Children

I just returned from my 4 day expedition trip organized by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (SRACP) to China (連南縣). There were 31 of us (volunteers and social workers) in total and our focus was to play games with children, visit their homes, bring them some stationeries gift kits, donate blankets, inspect where the donated money went, and talk to the principals and understand each school’s needs so that SRACP could source more financial / material donations to make improvements. The two specific schools we placed emphasis on were located in very rural area. Due to their location, the children there rarely receive donations or volunteer visits / care. One of them is 后洞小學 (in which we also visited last year) and we had to hike 45 minutes to reach the school as it is located at the top of a hill. Another, is 盤石小學, which is 2.5 hour ride from our hotel.

After visiting these two schools, we were all very satisfied as it was a total success especially the 2nd day with 盤石小學. All the games went on smoothly and you can hear children’s laughter and children running to us smiling everywhere. We played many traditional nostalgic games in which many of you might have forgotten already… such as 掉手巾,麻鷹捉雞仔,放紙飛機,有隻雀仔跌落水,跳大繩,踏氣球,二人三足 etc.. (sorry i had to type in Chinese as i don’t have the name in English for some). While playing with them, it makes us children again. Happiness really can be so simple. The contrast of this world with our materialistic city makes me think whether we are really advancing as we claimed.

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