Beautiful Moments Project (Part XVI) - MR Photo Team servicing the elderly

Today, my whole student team went to an elderly home at Wanchai to help the elders take passport photos. We had to serve 30 elders in 1.5 hour and the whole process was extremely smooth. I truly think practice makes perfect and the students who participated in our last activity show much confident this time. It is very apparent in their body gesture.. by the way they stand behind the tripod.. looking quite professional as they click the shutter.

Besides teaching my students how to take pictures, I had also put much emphasis on basic gentle manner that are required when servicing the elderly. I had taught them how to politely and gently invite each elder to the photoshoot set, how to check their clothing to make sure everything looks good, how to direct the elder to look at the camera, and lastly, escort the elder back to their seat when we finish. We had role-played in our class many times (some students take the role of an elder, while another is the photographer). We also taught them do’s and don’ts.. such as we can’t shout at the elder in all cases, and that we must maintain our tone of voice as caring and loving as possible..with a smile.

In today’s service, we were astonished by our students. They helped the elder hold their walking stick and handbags, and guide the elders throughout the process with a big smile.  They would say “婆婆小心, 慢慢行”.. etc.. The elders were very happy and felt much warmth!

Next class will be our last class for this term. And what makes me happy is that St. James Settlement invited me to teach another advance photography class starting May. I plan to teach them more advance photography such as studio lighting with strobe lights, softbox etc.., and possibly desktop photography :))))

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