The Weather….

The weather these few weeks had been SOOOOOOO gloomy and unstable.   I had quite a number of outdoor shoots that had to reschedule due to no-sun.   Some even rescheduled over 3 times!!.. If you ask me.. sun is really important to an outdoor shoot… especially when taking pictures with children.  Children move really really fast and I must use a fast shutter speed to capture the moment.  If there is no sun, it means I have to use a much higher ISO to achieve the result… and the photos would end up MUCH grainier.   I basically prefer finer photos, unless conditions do not allow it.   I would also try to avoid using flash during outdoor sessions as I think the flash would kill all the mood.

Let’s hope the weather gets better in April.
Well… it is a good thing that I get more time to finish up my many post-production deadlines! :D

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