Beautiful Moments Project (Part XV) - 1st MR Photo Team at work!

Today, 5 of my MR photography students had been selected to form our first photo team to service the community with the photography skills learned to-date! We are all very excited! We had been teaching them everything from setting up a tripod to basic photography to directing the model. We went to a kindergarten in CWB and our aim was to take simple passport photos for thirty K2 kids. As I mentioned earlier in previous post, setting this goal was abit challenging as this team of students are all medium to severely mentally handicapped adults (equivalent to 4-5 years old + illiterate). To our surprise, the target was met on time and the resulting photos were all very good (even this is their first time servicing!) . The children were all very happy and were fighting to shake hands with the photographers. What is most rewarding to me was to see my students feeling very happy about what they had done. On our ride back, I noticed several of them were smiling happily with a very satisfied and content look on their face (as if they were reliving what had just happened!). I guess we all feel good to give, and to do it with our own hands make us feel special and valuable. It always feels good to admire yourself when you know you had done something right. And this is what made them smile happily from their heart today.

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