In-home pregnancy session at 32 weeks pregnancy

Today, I had an in-home pregnancy session with a 32 weeks mother.  More details to be shared with you soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!   Wish you all had a GREAT Christmas and a relaxing holiday with family, friends and loved ones.  What is your meaning of Christmas?  For me, it had always been about seeing all those whom I value most in my life.  It is a season about LOVE.  Spending Christmas eve with my loved one, Christmas day with family, and other dates with friends.  It is about dressing up, stuffing food into stomach, last minute x’mas gift shopping, clearing deadlines (yes, i am serious), and going to annual balls (there is one that I go to every year with family)!    These had marked my past Christmases memories.   However, this year, my Christmas holiday seems  quiet (i.e.: peaceful).   Strangely, there isn’t any familiar friends’ parties to go to, no high school reunions, no annual balls (probably due to organizer had cut budget / something).  Although I managed to grab a few good friends out but I really have no idea where everybody else is.  It is strange that it is only through change and contrast can I reflect and clearly see the value of those gatherings.  They were opportunities, happened as an invitation at a fraction in time to give us a Christmas memory feeling.  I am actually missing those parties (OMG)!  After all, everyday, what we are doing is just building memories, don’t you think?  That’s the only thing we can carry with us when we leave.

Having said that, I am also grateful for this year’s opportunity to experience quietness to allow me to see the contrast.  Otherwise, I would take things for granted easily. All these, is about living at the moment of now, and enjoy the present moment of what flows into our life. Opportunities come and go, time is ticking.   Thus, this new year, I hope I can clean up my head and re-prioritize what I really want my life memory to be about. Is it about work?  love? family? friends? charity? money?  Life could be about many things.

I would like to treat my life as a Christmas Feast, and every part of life is just like a dish.  My role, as a chef, is to select every ingredients, cooking method, timing, and presentation of every dishes within my feast menu.  Every dish is an expression of myself and my time.  At the end, I just want to create a great Christmas Feast that me and my guests will feel satisfy and content with as we finish up and leave the dinner table. One thing I know for sure is that I want my main course and dessert to be solely about my love. :)

My Christmas Holiday

Just a quick announcement that my Christmas holiday will take place from Dec 22, 2009- Jan 4, 2010.   All office, enquiries, post production, shoots .. well basically everything will be OFF. Business *shall* resume on Jan 5, 2010.  As I am still not sure whether I will be going anywhere outside HK this holiday. so.. the resume schedule will  need to be confirmed at a later time.

Beautiful Moments (Part 25) - Changing Young Lives Foundation Centre Opening Ceremony

Today, I was invited by Changing  Young Lives to help them shoot for their Pak Tin Centre’s opening ceremony.  I hope I can share some photos here with you.