Outdoor session with a 4yo girl!


Beautifulmoments Project (Part 23): It’s almost Halloween!! BOO!!!

Today, I joined with 突破十九 to do some instant portraits to fund-raise for the under-privilege children via this Halloween Party!  It was real fun!  I will post more details to share with you soon.

In-home session with 10 months old boy

More details to be posted soon.

Outdoor session with a charming boy



Beautifulmoments Project (Part 22): Family portraits for HKFB members

Today, I was really really excited to have been invited by HKFB to help their members take some family portraits.  This lovely lady Obi contacted me thru Ho-sum.org few months ago as she thought it would be nice to give some family portraits for their members.  As their members are all visually impaired, thus, their children rarely have the chance to take family portraits.  I thought this was a very meaningful idea and I was all up for this!

Obi arranged over 10 dress-ups and costumes for the children to put on for the photo session.  She even arranged a professional makeup artist to help the kids do the hair and makeup.  I shot for 8 hours straight and I was still super hyper and clicking my shutters non-stop till the last session.  I really enjoyed kids from the 4yo-9yo range. They are so full of character and personality. During the session, the kids were so keen to learn photography and wanted to try shooting themselves. I gave them my camera, gave them few quick instructions (such as how to turn the lens to zoom), and they ended up directing the shoot within minutes.  They already observed how I did it, so they just regurgitate what was seen.  They directed the model, told them how to pose, help them fix their dress, told them what expressions to make etc..  It was totally funny and I truly enjoyed looking at them shooting their way.  They looked like mini art directors or fashion stylist to me.   Too bad I didn”t have a second camera with me that day otherwise I would definitely snap the scene and show you.  Frankly speaking, their works rock!   Some of them, you can’t tell the difference whether it was I who shot it or them :P

I hope I can teach them some day!   I always have the idea that it would be so good if I could have a team of photographers who are either all children, all 更生人仕, or all youths, who can go out with me to service the community as a professional team. It would be such a nice concept and I think it would be loads of fun!

I basically shot over 1800 photos today, for 11 families.. around 45 mins photo session each.  Loads and loads to post process!


Beautifulmoments Project (Part 21): Annual family portraits for the Caritas elderly homes

Today, I went to one of the elderly homes of Caritas at Sheung Wan to take some portraits for the elders and their family.  I will share some photos and thoughts with you soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 20) - Annual Report Shoot for an Orphanage

Well, not exactly an orphanage I guess, it was Mother’s Choice.   A place with many babies waiting for loving parents to take them home permanently, as well as a place with many single pregnant young girls for training, consultations, counciling  and nurturing care.   I had shot for MC 2 years ago for their annual report.  This time, they wanted to have some diversified shots around their hostel and center so that they can use the photos for their annual report.  I must say, I was DEEPLY INSPIRED by their Wee Care center.  Wee Care is a place where there are many cute cute special needs babies, waiting for a home. The room has around 30 babies in a room, with experienced volunteers playing with them and looking after them all day long.  I met a cute cute boy, he was sooo adorable and was a super model in front of the camera, posing and smiling, and playing with his feet in the cradle.  I took dozen of portraits of him!  As these babies are all categorized as children ‘under the government’, I was not allow to post or disclose any photos with their face from the shoot to the public.  I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It is good to know these babies’ privacy are protected and I am more than happy to abide to their requirement.

Anyway, I really missed the babies there.  While I was in the playroom with around 10 < 1.5 yo babies, they were crawling to me from all directions and were very interested in my camera (not me probably :P ).  But it feels so good that I was surrounded by babies.   I should have been a kindergarten teacher!  The babies there all love taking photos.  I proposed to MC if I could help them do some real real portraits (in dress-up costumes! hee heeh.. ) just for their memories and some fun-time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if their adoptive parents still have some records of their adopted child at different age with some professional baby portraits as memories (despite the fact that they were not there with them during that time)?  I think these children shouldn’t miss out what other children have for their childhood phase, such as, a set studio childhood photos!

If you are a parent or a children lover and  interested  in volunteering for MC, please sign up their online volunteer form.  They need volunteers who could commit regularly.  Or if you like what they do, make some donations :)

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 19) - Capturing smiles for the Physically Handicapped

Today, I had a super wonderful time capturing the smiles for the members of 1st Step Association during their 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner held at the Regal Oriental Hotel.  I setup a portable studio at a corner of their dinner venue and the members and families could just come to the set and take some portraits for some fun time and memories.  What’s different from my past volunteering events was that this time 1st Step had brilliantly arranged facilities to do instant printouts of the photos on the spot!!   I felt so hyper and excited to see a long line up of members, waiting patiently and wheeling excitingly to the set to have their photographs taken.  I had a wonderful time and I’m sure the members did too!  As this is my first time working for the physically handicapped, this opportunity had brought me many inspirations as well.    In roughly 2 hrs, I have took portraits for around 60 members and staffs, some with families, some with their friends.  I sincerely hope they liked their photos.   Well, it was really sweet to have a member came up to me to ask for my autograph on his photo :)))).  Moments like these would fuel me, as it means they liked the photo.

I hope 1st Step can allow me to spend some time  on editing the rest of the good shots so that I can post more prints back to their members to keep for memories.  As they only printed one photo for each member that day, and I took more than 5  good shots each. …. but guess the handling part might be too complicated as this is suppose to be an one-off event.

Double Moon Party at the HKJC Beas River Country Club

More details to be posted soon.

Mid-autumn maternity portraits

Today, I had an excellent in-home maternity session with a 32 weeks first time pregnant mom and her husband.  Shooting maternity session at 32 weeks is a suggested time as the belly size and shape was perfect.  Not too big but big enough to show the beautiful pregnant body curve and form!   I love the work I created today.   Not only due to that my subjects are fun and active, but because I just got two new background paper colours in and new colours always bring me new inspirations! Will post a few up soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 18) - Elders portraits

Today, it’s China 60th Anniversary and it’s a public holiday.  Helping Hand has organized a day camp and dinner for their members and families to go to Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre  ( 樟木頭老人度假中心 ) to spend their day.  The elders can freely participate in any activity booths (i.e. : making their own mooncake, lantern workshops etc).  My part was to give them some beautiful family portraits using the mid-autumn festival as theme (we have got many different lanterns as props).  What’s satisfying for my part today is, when I show the elders the photos from the back of my camera’s LCD after the session, many of them said to me with the most grateful voice that they love the photo!  They kept on saying ‘thank you thank you. very beautiful! really very beautiful!’.   They sound as if they haven’t seen themselves looking this beautiful for a long time.   I felt very happy about this.    I hope my final prints will give them another big smile!