Three 1 year old baby girls’ birthday party!

Many cute babies, home-made birthday cakes, and baby talks everywhere (coz almost all are < 18 months old).  I notice babies can REALLY communicate among themselves. It is amazing to hear them talking.   It was a friendly and cozy party!  and we even did a mini cake smashing session outside.  More photos to share with you soon.

Gorgeous family

I always feel blessed to have really gorgeous families contact me for family shoot…gorgeous meaning beauty inside out.  Nice and friendly people with beautiful face and personality.   Their grandparents came to HK for visit, and the girls will be leaving HK for college very soon so this time is a perfect time for an in-home family portraiture session.   We’ve got tonnes of nice moments captured.  More photos to be posted soon.

7 months old baby girl

I had an in-home session with a 7 months old baby girl today.  Her grandparents came to HK for visit and thought it would be a wonderful time to capture some family moments with her.   During the shoot, her godparents dropped by and joined a few shots too.  It was indeed an exciting and busy day for this baby girl!!  More photos would be posted soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 16) - Pumpkin Carriage

More details to be posted soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 15): BGCA Annual Report Shoot

I was invited by BGCA to help take some shots for their annual report this year.



More business portraits

This is the 2nd part from the 10th Anniversary Brochure shoot.. just a couple more executives business portraits done at their office.  More photos to be shared with you soon.

A fun family of 4

It was so fun to spend time with these two super cute boys today.  We’ve done some in-home shots plus some shots down at their swimming pool and playground.  More photos to be posted soon.

Quick update

Sorry for not posting for a month… I had been super busy again with shoots and post production.  I will be back on track pretty soon and would share some of the wonderful photos I took by backdating the blog post to where they chronologically belong.  Obviously I am poor at time-management.  >_<

Time really flies and the month of August has just begun!   I am again, taking a look at my 2009 resolution and it seems that my progress didn’t turn out as I intended.  One of my main resolution items is to serve at least 100 families via my Beautifulmoments Project.  7 months passed and I am not even 1/2 way there!!  This makes me feel bad.  If any of you are working at hospitals, elderly homes, NGOs, orphanage, or are social workers whom you think your organization can make use of my volunteering service, please contact me.    My Beautifulmoments project’s aim is to bring smiles and memories through my lens to the community.  If you know any families or clients who would value this little personal gift from me, please contact me for more information.   I just hope to give them some valuable memories on print that would one day bring a smile.  My target are those who otherwise cannot have a set of professional family pictures on their own due to physical conditions, health condition, financial conditions, or just wouldn’t have this thought in the first place on their own but would happily accept if offer such opportunity).  My information is also being posted on’s Do Good Offers (ID: happymoments, DGN200810150911012).

There are so many things I want to do.. so little time.  Instead of prioritizing my to-do list, I actually spend a little time to re-prioritize my life recently!  Thus, please expect some changes coming!  My shift will be towards more community works and limit the quantity of commercial shoots I take.