1st time parent-to-be, @36 weeks pregnancy

Today, I had an in-home pregnancy session with this wonderful couple.   Love is transferring between their eyes here and there throughout the session.  The father-to-be came up with so many ideas for posing, and was very supportive and helpful throughout the shoot.   We had quite alot of fun!  Was an enjoyable shoot indeed.  More photos would be posted soon.

Party themes that would wow your guests! - resource

I know alot of moms had been scratching your heads on ideas on how to make your kid’s birthday party special.  I just discovered this wonderful resourceful blog that shares alot of real party ideas.  Please check hwtm out and subscribe to their RSS!   Under category “Real Parties” or “Kid’s Party Ideas“, and “Baby Showers Ideas“  there are pages and pages of inspiring posts and resource on planning a wonderful party!  My favorite theme by far is the Lollipop! Coz I love colours!

Hostess with the Mostess Blog

I love taking photos for parties with heavy themes.   I especially love outdoor parties with loads and loads of colours, cakes, pastries, kids running around and hopefully chase me around while I work!  as I truly enjoyed it!

Ally turns 5!

More details of this birthday party to be posted soon.

Casting Shoot

More details to be posted soon.

Changes coming

There will be some big changes on my Signature In-Home & Outdoor Packages very soon.  Alot fo clients may not know… due to the required workflow from my current packages, it is necessary for me to work at least 60 hours per project (from start to finish).  In-Home sessions may take up to 100 hours!!!  This doesn’t really make sense I know… and making clients wait too long isn’t something that I wanted, as I know all of you want to share your photos ASAP to friends and family.   I would launch some new revised packages very soon and I hope these new packages would facilitate the whole delivery process.  I believe clients come to me because they liked my work…definitely not based on the price.  I would stay focus and make everything as simple as possible by offering less options.  The main reason why I do what I do is simply because I wanted to give you some beautiful captures of a frame of your life, on prints, through my lens and artistic vision.  I hope these frame of memories would bring a smile in your future and by simply this, it makes my existence and contribution meaningful. I will try not to be too hard on myself on the final editing part (still learning tho) as I know what I had captured already served the purpose.

Please stay tune for updates! :)

June 1 - International Children’s Day

Today, I was invited to photograph for this sharing forum, titled ” Pioneers’ Voices on Child Protection and Children’s Rights” , organized by ACA.   The event was highly packed with invaluable information, statistics, and insights; presented by a panel of 12 speakers.  This forum provided insights and resources on how Hong Kong should go about in bringing child protection and child rights to the next level in the coming decade. Some key speakers were Dr. Patricia Ip (葉麗嫦醫生), Dr. Gladys Lam (林陳蘭德博士), Dr. Chow Chun Bong (周鎮邦醫生), Mrs. Selina Chow (周梁淑怡), and  Hon Cyd Ho Sau Lan (何秀蘭議員).  The forum was inspiring to me.  Almost everyone is aware of the child abuse problem in our society, but executing a more effective system requires time and are often bounded by limitations not within our control. I’d say the first determining step to protect the children of our future starts from every home.  Love your children in a way without disempowering them or disrespecting them.  We adults, actually have a lot to learn from children, thus, do not see ourselves as superior to them.  They know many truths in life on how to live happily which we have forgotten.  Hitting or spanking your child would result in alot of negative emotions for both you and your child.   IMO, I think parental love involves respect, understanding, freedom, friendship, acceptance, guidance, and support.  How about you?