My availability resumes in June

I am jammed at post processing again~!!! Had been busy shooting recently and with one pair of hands, one head, and 2 computers… I am literally jammed with the aftermath @_@ . I would make myself available for new bookings starting mid-June and for this month, the only session types I would take in would be newborn sessions under 21 days old or last minute maternity sessions (i.e.: any sessions that are urgent and cannot miss the precious chance). For these new bookings, please allow extra time for post production. As most of my bookings tend to fall in in short notice (I totally do not mind when I am free :) ), this information is for moms or potential clients who are planning to have a session with me.

You know I love shooting so much that I always dream of shooting for my clients without the need to do any post-processing (i.e.: you give me your CF card, i shoot, and done!!!)… this way I could shoot continuously, capturing beautiful moments without stopping!! But with digital, this is quite something impossible. As every photo needs to go through some time consuming minimum procedures (adjusting raws, curves, levels, highlights, shadows, colour saturation etc) in order to look nice on prints. The photo itself is beautiful, but those procedures make it even more beautiful. .. and who wouldn’t make use of such chance to utilize the build-in potentials hidden within every photographs?

Here is a photo that could do the job of cheering for me during work… children’s laughter has alot of power on me.

birthday party portraits

18 months old baby boy

Another sweetie…

18 months baby boy

Ran out of family picture poses? - resource

Here is a hilarious site to keep your posing ideas frrrresh and interesting! Actually, to my surprise, as i was browsing thru, i realized i had directed clients to do similar poses before.. oh no!! :P

Awkward Family Photos
Ran out of family picture poses? - resource

Sunshine, Colours and Sea!!

Today, I did a family portrait session at Stanley with a family of 3 (parent + 11 months old boy).   And the post title already hint what you would see from our shoot!  Stay tune..I will share some photos with you soon.

Hong Chi’s Graduation & Sharing Ceremony

Today, I was happy to be invited by Hong Chi Association ( to help them document this meaningful event. Over 50 mentally handicapped students were graduating today, and with the big help of HSBC’s generous funding and donations, Hong Chi had successfully empowered many students with really practical hands-on skills to compete with confidence in this harsh job market. Classes such as Oral English, Interviewing Skills, Project Management, Catering and even Investments are available. What I admired is that they did not bound the disabilities by providing them only simple trainings such as cleaning, packaging etc.., but had pushed them further so that their full potential can be realized. And from their sharing, many of the past students had benefited from the training and are now employed with a very good job title too!

The more I attend these events, the more I realize that there are really MANY good people and NGOs out there that had put their heart out to help others with very good project ideas. The more I see, the more I feel that I am just too little, and not doing enough good. The world is full of good things for us to look at and to glorify about. There are just too many inspiring people out there to learn from…

Family portraits in the perrrrfect weather!

Lovely moment…

Family portraits in the perfect weather!