3 year old birthday party

I love outdoor parties.  I just like shooting in daylight!   Today, this lovely darling turns 3 and her mom had amazingly prepared this wonderful birthday party for her.  All her guests had fun running around in this open space and playground.   More photos to be shared with you soon.

Get into the twitter hype

I had heard about it for so long and never really know what it was about. Well, the other day I had decided to join Twitter. I must say that it is a great tool to pull us (i.e.: me and you) closer together. You can ‘follow’ the people that you are interested in and receive instant update that answers the question “What are you doing?” right now. It is somewhat similar to rss newsfeed but just that you get all the news on same page, and the news are from real people that you know. You can post pictures and links via tools such as Twitpic or TinyUrl instantly via your phone to keep your followers updated. I followed some best friends, some photographers, vendors, business partners, plus some people / ezines that I am interested in.


I know at times I thought this seems like a pointless (or 無聊) habit… like why would someone care about what I do… like what I eat or who did I have lunch with. but actually, after joining nearly 2 weeks, it feels so good to have just few good friends up there that really cared. It is quite fun that I can check what they do everyday despite we are miles apart.

happyfotos twitter

Another photographer posted a video on how Twitter impacted his life. [B]ecker is one of my favorite wedding photographers. His website and portfolio is amazing, and elegantly inspirational.

Oprah Winfrey also mentioned Twitter on her show on April 17, 2009… Twitter’s server went down the next day due to sudden increase of new signups. She actually got 36,800+ new followers the next day.–> more details on this article “Oprah will kill Twitter, right?”

Happymoments Facebook Group

Twitter has its power, just like Facebook. As a daily Facebook user myself, I think these two are really good tools to connect with people. If you are on Facebook, please join my newly launched group “Happymoments | Modern Children’s Portraiture“. :) Some useful resources will be send to all members periodically about photography and children.

2 year old baby girl’s birthday party!

Today, I was invited to document this 2 year old baby girl’s birthday party.  This is the 3rd time I photographed her as her beautiful mom just had an in-home pregnancy and newborn session with me few weeks ago (she had a baby boy!)  Besides having loads of toys, drawing pads, games, and yummy food for the party guests, her mom also wanted me to setup a portable studio at her party venue so that I can help her guests take some family photos!   I loved this idea so much!  The guests were very excited about the idea (including the kids) and I’ve captured many families that day.   I will share some photos with you all soon.

In-home session with a wonderful family

Today, I had an in-home session with a friendly family of four with 2 wonderful boys (3.5 yo and 9 yo). The session could not have been so amazing without their daddy’s help. Some children psychology techniques went into the session and I am amazed by their daddy’s skills with his boys! I basically got all the sibling and family shots that I wanted to captured for them. Alot of times, the essence and beauty you see from my works should be credited to my client instead of me. All my clients are really amazing people!

Laughter fills the air

Today, I had an in-home session with an 8 months old baby boy. The session was heartwarming since his great grandmother and aunt came for visit during our session. And this little boy’s great grandmother was witnessing the whole photoshoot from behind. Laughter fills the air as his parents were doing tricks to catch the boy’s attention and making him smile and do the most adorable pose and expressions. Some really hilarious props were sourced from the house and put on him and we were all laughing so hard in the process. I really enjoyed the session! Totally happy moments! :D

Here is a sneak peek of this lovely handsome baby boy…

Laughter fills the air

More cute cute pose will be shared with you soon.

Celebrating 1st birthday at Disneyland!

Today, I went to Disneyland to help document this 1 year old boy’s family day in celebration of his 1st birthday! The weather was perfect and sunny and hot! From the smiles on this little boy’s face, flying in to HK all the way from Singapore for this Disney day celebration was really a thoughtful idea. I am impressed by his parent’s love and heart in the planning of this birthday for him.

Beautiful Moments (XVII) - Bringing Smiles to Children

I just returned from my 4 day expedition trip organized by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (SRACP) to China (連南縣). There were 31 of us (volunteers and social workers) in total and our focus was to play games with children, visit their homes, bring them some stationeries gift kits, donate blankets, inspect where the donated money went, and talk to the principals and understand each school’s needs so that SRACP could source more financial / material donations to make improvements. The two specific schools we placed emphasis on were located in very rural area. Due to their location, the children there rarely receive donations or volunteer visits / care. One of them is 后洞小學 (in which we also visited last year) and we had to hike 45 minutes to reach the school as it is located at the top of a hill. Another, is 盤石小學, which is 2.5 hour ride from our hotel.

After visiting these two schools, we were all very satisfied as it was a total success especially the 2nd day with 盤石小學. All the games went on smoothly and you can hear children’s laughter and children running to us smiling everywhere. We played many traditional nostalgic games in which many of you might have forgotten already… such as 掉手巾,麻鷹捉雞仔,放紙飛機,有隻雀仔跌落水,跳大繩,踏氣球,二人三足 etc.. (sorry i had to type in Chinese as i don’t have the name in English for some). While playing with them, it makes us children again. Happiness really can be so simple. The contrast of this world with our materialistic city makes me think whether we are really advancing as we claimed.

Why we need to take photographs?

There aren’t many songs around that talks about photography. Recently, a new song by Eason Chan called “沙龍” caught my attention and I think the lyrics was quite true.

登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒
港灣晚燈 山頂破曉 摘下懷念 記住美妙
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒
要拍照的事 可不少
* full lyrics here

eason chan H3M song

After listening to this song, it reminds me of one of the wedding photo montages I created for my wedding client 4 years ago. I suddenly relook at it and their photographs and their childhood imagery really can make their past relive in front of my eyes. I would like to share with you here –> CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Seeing old friends

Today, I did an in-home family session with one of my high school friends from Toronto. Well, another very GOOD high school friend of mine had bought them a family photo session as a gift for the arrival of their new baby few months ago. Their baby girl is now 5 months old. It is so great that I get to catchup updates of each other while shooting. I will prepare and post some photos up to show you soon (actually, i just had a client who asked me why I don’t update my blog with photos for every post..sorry guys for keeping you all waiting for the blog’s ’soon’ photos… time had always been an issue for me.. there are so many things i wanted to do, but so little time!).

First Birthday Cake-Smashing Session

This session is hilariously fun! This baby girl will turn 1 next week and her mom had decided to give her an in-home cake-smashing session to celebrate her first birthday today. This baby girl was quite gentle with the cake and we had to wait awhile before she engage into action.

Obviously, she had fun! This was taken in the first 5 minutes encounter with the cake.

First Birthday Cake Smashing Session

And you may wonder how the cake and this baby girl ended up at the end? … stay tune! :)