2 year old birthday party!

The more I shoot birthday parties, the more I love it! Mainly because it is a place filled with ALOT of beautiful kids and loving parents. It is also a place where all the parents are having good times with their children. Family love basically fills the air. Every time I witness a loving relationship in front of my eyes, it warmed up my heart. And I would try my best to capture these moments for myself and for my subjects to remember. This party was held at a clubhouse and some details include giant bouncy castle, hand painting, puppet show, as well as a beautiful birthday cupcake tree.  More photos to be share with you all soon.

“Love and Care” Family photo competition - resource

I am a loyal RTHK fans and I found out that they are running a photo competition that aims to promote family core values - “Love and Care”, “Respect and Responsibility”, and “Communication and Harmony”. By submitting a family photo which conveys the message “Loving Family - Feel it, Hear it, Hug it”, you might have a chance to win wonderful prizes and most importantly, spread your love and positive energies to others and increase public’s awareness on the importance of family love.

RTHK Family Photo Competition

I believe a picture speaks a thousand words! Let others feel and share your love!

Deadline: Feb 28, 2009
Detail: http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/familycorevalues/photo.htm

Just beautiful!

Today, I had an in-home session with a beautiful mom at 36 weeks pregnancy. More exciting details to be shared with you soon!

Hello Okinawa

During the Chinese New Year holiday, I went to Okinawa with my mom, sister and two aunts. Basically, every year I would have a family vocation during Chinese New Year times… it has became a yearly thing. This time, we went to Okinawa for 5 days! This place (IMO) doesn’t feels too much like Japan. It felt like Hawaii. Well, even Hawaii has more Japanese than this low populated Okinawa island. Besides stuffing ourselves with 3 buffet meals everyday (yes, we joined tour), the biggest highlight was that we have the opportunity to witness the whales. I will post a few photos up to share with you ’soon’. I should find time to update all pictures in my blog pretty soon.