Beautiful Moments Project (Part XIV) - family pictures with LNY theme

I was invited by Salvation Army to participate in taking some family pictures for their members. More details to be posted soon

Chinese New Year Holiday Dates Announcement (updated)

Chinese New Year is approaching and it is one of the biggest holidays here in Hong Kong.. I would like to take advantage of this period and take a REAL holiday… I mean RREEAL holiday :)))) .. to clear all pending works, do some serious thinking, and to relax. I realized some potential customers may have overlooked my previous post about my holiday (yes.. i know it is vaguely presented). Thus, I would like to have this reannounced here…

The following is my holiday dates and reopening dates:

HOLIDAY DATES: January 14 to February 28, 2009

  • CLOSED for new photoshoot bookings inclusive
  • all pre-booked sessions, post processing, photo deliveries, proofing deadlines, and email enquiry will be proceeded and answered as usual during January 14-24, February 7-28, 2009. All due schedules would not be affected.
  • Official CNY holiday is January 25-February 6, 2009 (Chinese Calendar: 年三十至初十二). Office will be closed completely during this period. Please allow slower email responses during this time.


  • for outdoor sessions only
  • please check my online booking calendar for my availability

You may wonder why my holiday is so long (i.e. 1.5 months off). It is because I had been overworking myself for the past 10 months for every Sunday and public holiday. I think I really needed some time off to rejuvenate. I believe the more well rested I am, the better I can service my new clients in the coming year. Plus, I will also be doing some thinking for my whole workflow… which is worth to take the time to do this important change.

Portraits in Central

More exciting details and photos to be posted soon

Capturing Hong Kong!

More details and photos to be posted soon.

Happy New Year!!! + some thoughts

I would like to take this day to wish everybody a SUPERB 2009, with everything that you dream of come true, flowing right at you like a stream this year! I think when it comes to life, the most important thing is happiness. What makes our life happy may seems to depends on some external factors such as someone, something, some experiences, or some expectations fulfilled. In life, many of us would try to seek for things that appeared to be missing and we would go searching for it all around, and hoping to finally find it in order for us to become happy. But in truth, the ultimate way to happiness and to bring in more happiness in your everyday life, I believe, is to seek no where and enjoy the moment of now. What we have today, at this moment is already happiness itself. Look inside, and take the moment to feel happiness from within, not without. I always forget to stop. I basically work non-stop, sometimes, quite stressed out with work, deadlines, and schedules. I hadn’t stop, occupying myself with doingness but not beingness. I was basically too busy to feel the moment. Only when I am at a relaxed state (usually very late at night, while volunteering, or photographing) would I truly feel my own self and soul. As I do and stop and feel the moment from my heart, I would be touched by my own life, grateful for what I am doing at this moment in time. I must remind myself to stop more frequently. A little secret is that I do remembered to feel the moment everytime while I am photographing children and families. I TRULY enjoyed each moments.

Tonight, I had take the moment to look back. I am very happy for the things that happened to me in year 2008. The people I met, the wonderful clients, the opportunities that was asked for, came in front of my eyes, and was able to grab hold of, the wonderful books that I came across, my lovely cats, the message and insights I received from the people I met, last but not least…the problems that came to me that made me think hard and improve my life. Thank you!

I believe everything happens for a reason, despite who and what came to my life. They are there to improve my journey. And I am grateful. I would like to sincerely thank that special someone up there who is always looking after me in ALL WAYS :) Thank you.

As a summary of my highest point in 2008, was my Easter trip to China with SRACP, visiting 5 village schools and doing volunteering service for the children. I was in total joy during those few days, and I would never forget the moments.

I had decided to have a break and relax from Jan 14- Feb 14, 2009 inclusive. I would not take in new shoots during this period. The post-processing, proofs, pre-booked photoshoots, and photos that are due would not be affected by this ‘holiday’.  Email inquiries would also be answered as usual (please allow slower response time during the official Chinese New Year holiday, which is Jan 25-Feb 6, as marked on my booking calendar on my website).

I believe I need some time off to think, seriously reorganize my workflow (so there would be less delays), and seeks a smarter way to deliver the beautiful photos I captured to my clients in a much more timely manner.