The Mok’s Family Dinner

40 family members, 3 family generations finally have the chance to gather together. The last time they gathered together was in the mid 1970s!!! This family dinner is definitely a very important event worth to remembered. Besides capturing the dinner itself, they wanted me to setup a portable studio at their dinner venue and help do some family pictures for them. This was such a wonderful idea since we can get everybody in the picture at one opportunity (using the home-session logistic). We took all the studio family pictures before dinner starts.. and this night was very relaxing and nostalgic where everyone is catching up and having good times with each other.

Here’s a capture of the youngest of their family member… she is such a sweetie!

The Mok’s Family Dinner

More photos to be shared with you all soon.

Commercial Shoot

More photos and details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments Project (Part XIII) - Capturing beautiful families!

I was invited by ACA to take part in helping their members to capture what every of their members’ family behold.. LOVING BONDS! I just loved doing these kinds of service.. I was in awe after the session as their loving relationships are so great and I felt very honour to have the opportunity to witness these moments. When you take pictures with them, I basically don’t have to give them much instruction on how to pose. Every family basically clings together automatically and just like that.. the perfect family picture is there.. you basically just needed someone with a camera there to capture them on prints. The session took place at an outdoor area at Lingnan University. Although I only managed to capture 11 families in an hour, I really hope these frames of memories would bring them a smile from the heart!

Family Session with a loving family

More photos and exciting detail to be posted soon.

Christmas Party at the International Riding Centre

Today, I was invited to help take pictures for a Christmas party at the International Riding Centre. Besides having Cinderella doing tattoos and Santa Claus playing games with the children, one of the highlights was of course, horse riding! Every children gets a turn to take a short ride. The kids sure got excited! More photos and details to be posted soon and share with you all.

Turning 1!

This little girl just turned one and her lovely mother threw her a memorable first birthday party.  More exciting details and photos to be posted soon.

Rushing for before-Christmas deliveries

I am currently rushing to meet all the before Christmas deliveries.. Moms, thanks for bearing with me.  I am almost there with beautiful photos on their way to your door! XOXO

Beautiful Moments Project - Teaching Photography

My photography class with St. James’ Settlement Happy Valley Integrated Service Team had started few weeks ago. It will be held on every Tuesday and will continue for six month, teaching MR adults photography. The mission of this project is to develop a photography team to service the community in the future with their cameras. Besides teaching my students basic digital photography skills, the project would focus more on developing a great portrait team so that they can regularly go to elderly centers or nursing homes to help elders take some portraits with their families…. bringing them happy moments on prints (which is exactly what my Beautiful Moments Project is about). We had set our mission really high and I am sure this project will be a success with some time and practice!

In-home 1 year old birthday party session

Today, I had an in-home party session with a 1 year old birthday boy and his family.   More details to be posted soon.

I am very proud of my dad!

My dad had just received the “2008 Hong Kong Jewelry Industry Outstanding Achievement Award” today, awarded by the HKJMA (Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association). I am so proud of my dad and my whole family went to HKCEC to cheer for him at the gala dinner. I will share some photos of the event and my daddy with you all soon!

6 months old happy baby girl

I had an in-home session with a very cheerful baby girl today! Can’t wait to share more details and photos with you PRETTY soon!