Private tram ride anniversary celebration

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 36) - ACA’s Good Parenting Project Closing Ceremony Gala

More details to be posted soon.

2 year old Birthday Party

More details to be posted soon.

You can only go right with a cute handsome face like this!

More details to be posted soon.

Instant photobooth family portraits!

More details to be posted soon.

In-home Newborn Session

More details to be posted soon.

Happy Halloween… let’s see who is the scariest!

More details to be posted soon.

3 year old girl’s birthday party at AMC Adventure Zone

More details to be posted soon.

2 year old girl’s Birthday Party

More details to be posted soon.

Birthday Celebration Portrait Session at W Hotel

More details to be posted soon.

You are so beautiful!

Today, i had an in-home session with a beautiful 4 month old girl. Can wait to share some pictures with you soon.

Pregnancy Session at 32 weeks

Today, I did an in-home pregnancy session for my friend.  She was my photography assignment model at Grade 9, biology class’s classmate,  we were both the committee member for campus newspaper & debate association……and…can’t believe after xx years, I have the chance to photograph her again! :)  This time, with a big big belly with a little guy coming out in one month’s time.   It is always good to catch up with friends, and it is always comfortable to photograph.

There is no doubt she is a beautiful mom-to-be, and I can’t wait to meet her new baby!

2-day Birthday celebration shoot at Le Méridien Cyberport Hotel for a 1 year old boy

I totally enjoyed these two days shoot.  Lots to share and to be posted soon.

1 year old boy’s birthday party

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 33) - Baby portraits for Orphan’s Lifebook

Today, I was invited by Mother’s Choice to take some baby portraits for their children….all are orphans at 3months to 3 year old waiting to be adopted.   These photos would go into their Lifebook, a photo album Mother’s Choice created for each of their orphans.   These albums include photographs capturing various milestones.  It serves as a priceless gift for their future adoptive parent, as well as for the children him/herself.  Since I found out they have this ongoing “Lifebook” project, I had been wanting and proposing to help them take more professional photographs as I thought it would be very meaningful. and today i finally got the chance.

As all orphans are under protection by the HKSAR government, I could not post any photographs here which show their faces.  But I must say, I’ve created some of my favorite works today.   It felt so good to have toddlers climbing all over me during the session, and there was a very special girl I met today which really touched my heart.

Family Session at Happy Valley Racecourse

This is the first time I photograph at Happy Valley Racecourse, and to my surprise, it is quite a good location, especially during the sunset time. Today’s session involved a family of 7.  My client’s parents came to HK for visit and would just be staying a short while, thus, today is the perfect time to do some family portraits.

More photos to be posted soon for sharing.

In-home session with a family of 9

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 30) - Wee Care playday at Stanley’s Beach

Today, I was invited by Mother’s Choice to photograph for their playday at Stanley’s beach this early morning.  Around 12 Wee Care babies participated the event… to get into their swimsuit, get into the water and sunbath.  My job was to capture some memories for them.

After the session, I was crazy enough to put all my gears into the locker, put on my bikini,  and had 30min swim as well.   What a great way to start the day, with children, photography, and exercise!

Studio portraits with a big Happy Family

Today, I booked a big studio to do a family portrait with this big family group of 15 people… since home session just cannot fit!  We had great fun!

In-home session with a family of 4

It always feels good to see old clients again.   I’ve done their session around 1.5 year ago.  Now they have another baby boy and wish to capture him at six months old….i.e.: same time they gave his brother a session. I always learn from my clients of how to become a caring good mother.  And this mother is surely one of the good examples I learned from.  :) It’s with the care of loving and offering both children equally. We even took shots against the same background so that both of them have the same thing.  I thought that was a very loving gesture, all from the mother’s heart.


Family session at the Inspiration Lake

More details to be posted soon.

9 months old baby boy session at Stanley!

I love this smiling baby boy.  I met him before he was born, when he was still in his mom’s tummy!… then, I met him again at his Baptism at 6 months old.  now he is 9 months old already.  He has got the most innocent smiles!   Today, we went to Stanley for a quick portrait session.  It was a beautiful day, although the area was a little bit crowded (as today is public holiday) but we manage to get some shots at the Murray House and the beach.   Photos to be posted soon.

2 year old birthday girl party

More details to be posted soon.

In-home session with a 1 year old happy girl!


3 year old Toy Story themed birthday boy party at Gymboree

More details coming soon!

2 year old birthday girl party with Elmo & Goofy!!

Details coming soon.

1 year old baby girl birthday lunch at the Peninsula Hotel

Details coming soon.

Baptism Ceremony at St. John’s Cathedral

Today, I photographed the baptism ceremony for a 6 months old boy at the St. John’s Cathedral on this bbeeeautiful sunny day.  The ceremony is followed by a cocktail reception at the courtyard.  I will share with you the photos shortly.

In-home newborn session with a 5-weeks old sweetie!

Today, I had an in-home newborn session with a 5 weeks old baby girl.

Winnie-the-Pooh themed Birthday Party

Today, I was photographing for a 2 year old girl’s birthday party at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel.  The party theme was Winnie-the-Pooh and the event organizer Kareena from did a really good job.  The whole party was very well planned and beautifully decorated. All the guests had a great time.  Besides taking picture for the party, I also helped the guests and families take some family portraits on the spot and give them instant photos to take home for memory.  This is a new service that I had been carrying at parties.

1 year old Birthday Party + Cake Smashing Session

Today, I went to photograph for a 1 year old sweet boy’s birthday party held at the Aberdeen Marina Club.  There was so much to share and I will post this one up soon!!

first birthday cake smashing session

Beautiful Moments (Part 24): McDonald birthday party for a group of babies!

Today, I was invited by ACA (again.. yes, they love me haha) to help them take some photos of a birthday party they’ve organized for their Good Parenting Project users. The birthday party took place at McDonald!!!   Tell you frankly, I’ve NEVER been to a McDonald birthday party before.  When I was a kid, I always dream to have a McDonald birthday party.  All those birthday hats, gifts, and meal sets look all very attractive to me.  Since back in those days, having birthday parties was a luxury for kids, I never thought of asking to have one nor been invited to one.  I  can’t believe after xx years now, I am finally invited to one!

The party includes around 12 birthday babies who are born in the month of September to December.  There were more than 20 families whom attended the party and everyone enjoyed the food (which you can order like a buffet, thanks to ACA), the games, the cake cutting, and the chatting and sharing times.  I of course enjoyed the kids!  There were so many smiling faces there!

I finally had my ‘first time’!  I enjoyed it alot!I can’t remember how many years I had my birthday lunch at McDonald (well that WAS my favorite back then and when my mom ask me where to go on my birthday, I would scream “McDonald” with my sister!).   I still remember collecting all of the 漢堡神偷 (Hamburglar) souveniers, as he was my favorite character.    滑嘟嘟 (Grimace) is my second favorite! After my lunch, my mom and dad would let us play at the McDonald playground for a loooong time.

In-home session with 10 months old boy

More details to be posted soon.

Outdoor session with a charming boy



Beautifulmoments Project (Part 20) - Annual Report Shoot for an Orphanage

Well, not exactly an orphanage I guess, it was Mother’s Choice.   A place with many babies waiting for loving parents to take them home permanently, as well as a place with many single pregnant young girls for training, consultations, counciling  and nurturing care.   I had shot for MC 2 years ago for their annual report.  This time, they wanted to have some diversified shots around their hostel and center so that they can use the photos for their annual report.  I must say, I was DEEPLY INSPIRED by their Wee Care center.  Wee Care is a place where there are many cute cute special needs babies, waiting for a home. The room has around 30 babies in a room, with experienced volunteers playing with them and looking after them all day long.  I met a cute cute boy, he was sooo adorable and was a super model in front of the camera, posing and smiling, and playing with his feet in the cradle.  I took dozen of portraits of him!  As these babies are all categorized as children ‘under the government’, I was not allow to post or disclose any photos with their face from the shoot to the public.  I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It is good to know these babies’ privacy are protected and I am more than happy to abide to their requirement.

Anyway, I really missed the babies there.  While I was in the playroom with around 10 < 1.5 yo babies, they were crawling to me from all directions and were very interested in my camera (not me probably :P ).  But it feels so good that I was surrounded by babies.   I should have been a kindergarten teacher!  The babies there all love taking photos.  I proposed to MC if I could help them do some real real portraits (in dress-up costumes! hee heeh.. ) just for their memories and some fun-time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if their adoptive parents still have some records of their adopted child at different age with some professional baby portraits as memories (despite the fact that they were not there with them during that time)?  I think these children shouldn’t miss out what other children have for their childhood phase, such as, a set studio childhood photos!

If you are a parent or a children lover and  interested  in volunteering for MC, please sign up their online volunteer form.  They need volunteers who could commit regularly.  Or if you like what they do, make some donations :)

Double Moon Party at the HKJC Beas River Country Club

More details to be posted soon.

In-home session with a 17 months old girl!

smiling baby girl

Good Parenting Project sharing meeting

I was invited to take some event snaps for this parents sharing meeting held at the Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC).  It involves many participant families from the Good Parenting Project (GPP) organized by Against Child Abuse (ACA).  And when I arrived, wow!!  Babies everywhere… all < 1 year old. The youngest was only 80 days!   I wish I had my portable studio and proper gears (backdrops + softbox etc..) with me so I could take more formal portraits of these lovely babies and families, as this was the perfect occasion to offer them some quick family portraits to keep.  I guess this opportunity would come again soon as they might host a family camp in December.  Anyway, I took many cute portraits of the events, will share with you soon.

Three 1 year old baby girls’ birthday party!

Many cute babies, home-made birthday cakes, and baby talks everywhere (coz almost all are < 18 months old).  I notice babies can REALLY communicate among themselves. It is amazing to hear them talking.   It was a friendly and cozy party!  and we even did a mini cake smashing session outside.  More photos to share with you soon.

7 months old baby girl

I had an in-home session with a 7 months old baby girl today.  Her grandparents came to HK for visit and thought it would be a wonderful time to capture some family moments with her.   During the shoot, her godparents dropped by and joined a few shots too.  It was indeed an exciting and busy day for this baby girl!!  More photos would be posted soon.

I could eat him up!

This 7 months old baby boy is soooooooo adorable, with the most innocent looking face!   Would post a few up to show you what i mean.

Beach + In-Home Session

This little girl and family lives 10 minutes away from a beach.. so we had a half & half session today. We first head out to the beach for some outdoor shots, then, did some more in-home shots using the studio backdrop.   More photos would be posted soon.

18 months old baby boy

Another sweetie…

18 months baby boy

Sunshine, Colours and Sea!!

Today, I did a family portrait session at Stanley with a family of 3 (parent + 11 months old boy).   And the post title already hint what you would see from our shoot!  Stay tune..I will share some photos with you soon.

Family portraits in the perrrrfect weather!

Lovely moment…

Family portraits in the perfect weather!

3 year old birthday party

I love outdoor parties.  I just like shooting in daylight!   Today, this lovely darling turns 3 and her mom had amazingly prepared this wonderful birthday party for her.  All her guests had fun running around in this open space and playground.   More photos to be shared with you soon.

2 year old baby girl’s birthday party!

Today, I was invited to document this 2 year old baby girl’s birthday party.  This is the 3rd time I photographed her as her beautiful mom just had an in-home pregnancy and newborn session with me few weeks ago (she had a baby boy!)  Besides having loads of toys, drawing pads, games, and yummy food for the party guests, her mom also wanted me to setup a portable studio at her party venue so that I can help her guests take some family photos!   I loved this idea so much!  The guests were very excited about the idea (including the kids) and I’ve captured many families that day.   I will share some photos with you all soon.

Laughter fills the air

Today, I had an in-home session with an 8 months old baby boy. The session was heartwarming since his great grandmother and aunt came for visit during our session. And this little boy’s great grandmother was witnessing the whole photoshoot from behind. Laughter fills the air as his parents were doing tricks to catch the boy’s attention and making him smile and do the most adorable pose and expressions. Some really hilarious props were sourced from the house and put on him and we were all laughing so hard in the process. I really enjoyed the session! Totally happy moments! :D

Here is a sneak peek of this lovely handsome baby boy…

Laughter fills the air

More cute cute pose will be shared with you soon.

Celebrating 1st birthday at Disneyland!

Today, I went to Disneyland to help document this 1 year old boy’s family day in celebration of his 1st birthday! The weather was perfect and sunny and hot! From the smiles on this little boy’s face, flying in to HK all the way from Singapore for this Disney day celebration was really a thoughtful idea. I am impressed by his parent’s love and heart in the planning of this birthday for him.

Seeing old friends

Today, I did an in-home family session with one of my high school friends from Toronto. Well, another very GOOD high school friend of mine had bought them a family photo session as a gift for the arrival of their new baby few months ago. Their baby girl is now 5 months old. It is so great that I get to catchup updates of each other while shooting. I will prepare and post some photos up to show you soon (actually, i just had a client who asked me why I don’t update my blog with photos for every post..sorry guys for keeping you all waiting for the blog’s ’soon’ photos… time had always been an issue for me.. there are so many things i wanted to do, but so little time!).

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