Why we need to take photographs?

There aren’t many songs around that talks about photography. Recently, a new song by Eason Chan called “沙龍” caught my attention and I think the lyrics was quite true.

登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒
港灣晚燈 山頂破曉 摘下懷念 記住美妙
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒
要拍照的事 可不少
* full lyrics here

eason chan H3M song

After listening to this song, it reminds me of one of the wedding photo montages I created for my wedding client 4 years ago. I suddenly relook at it and their photographs and their childhood imagery really can make their past relive in front of my eyes. I would like to share with you here –> CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Smiles that speak love

Smiles that speak love

Love is in the Air

This cute couple is totally in love and I literally can feel what “Love is in the Air” is really about. Prudence and Richard are both very sweet, passionate, fun, and expressive. They have a huge inventory of beautiful poses, pouring out one after another from where they stand or hug. I just love taking photos with them. It was a fun and inspiring process!