Private tram ride anniversary celebration

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Commercial shoot for a publication

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Capturing my favorite autumn sun

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She is totally my cup of tea!

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A fun relaxing family day documented

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Does she looks like me? She is my dearest sister!

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Autumn portraits

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This is my first time having my own portraits formally taken.

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Outdoor maternity portraits

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Commercial shoot for a publication

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Family portraits at Inspiration Lake

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Family Session at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Today, I was invited by my Happymoments wedding clients’ sister to take some family and children’s portraits at Disneyland Hotel.  I brought my studio lights and backgrounds to their hotel room and did an ‘in-home’ session.  Besides taking photos with backdrops, we also took some photos using their hotel room’s interior, as well as the hotel park.

It was a joy to photograph their family!

Beautiful Moments (Part 33) - Baby portraits for Orphan’s Lifebook

Today, I was invited by Mother’s Choice to take some baby portraits for their children….all are orphans at 3months to 3 year old waiting to be adopted.   These photos would go into their Lifebook, a photo album Mother’s Choice created for each of their orphans.   These albums include photographs capturing various milestones.  It serves as a priceless gift for their future adoptive parent, as well as for the children him/herself.  Since I found out they have this ongoing “Lifebook” project, I had been wanting and proposing to help them take more professional photographs as I thought it would be very meaningful. and today i finally got the chance.

As all orphans are under protection by the HKSAR government, I could not post any photographs here which show their faces.  But I must say, I’ve created some of my favorite works today.   It felt so good to have toddlers climbing all over me during the session, and there was a very special girl I met today which really touched my heart.

Family Session at Happy Valley Racecourse

This is the first time I photograph at Happy Valley Racecourse, and to my surprise, it is quite a good location, especially during the sunset time. Today’s session involved a family of 7.  My client’s parents came to HK for visit and would just be staying a short while, thus, today is the perfect time to do some family portraits.

More photos to be posted soon for sharing.

Beautiful Moments (Part 30) - Wee Care playday at Stanley’s Beach

Today, I was invited by Mother’s Choice to photograph for their playday at Stanley’s beach this early morning.  Around 12 Wee Care babies participated the event… to get into their swimsuit, get into the water and sunbath.  My job was to capture some memories for them.

After the session, I was crazy enough to put all my gears into the locker, put on my bikini,  and had 30min swim as well.   What a great way to start the day, with children, photography, and exercise!

It’s summer! Time for some bikini portraits!

Today, my client & I headed out to South Bay to do some summer portraits.  This is actually the first time I went to South Bay and it was quite a nice quiet beach. No tourists, easy to drive to, and has shaded areas.  We did some bikini shots and roaring hot sexy portraits… :)   Today was soooo hot that I wanted to jump into the water right after the session but too bad I didn’t have my swimsuit.  My client and I ended up going to Stanley’s Seafront for lunch and enjoyed a great chat with pizza & pasta + gallons of drinks since we were both super dehydrated after the session.  LOL.

In-home session with a family of 4

It always feels good to see old clients again.   I’ve done their session around 1.5 year ago.  Now they have another baby boy and wish to capture him at six months old….i.e.: same time they gave his brother a session. I always learn from my clients of how to become a caring good mother.  And this mother is surely one of the good examples I learned from.  :) It’s with the care of loving and offering both children equally. We even took shots against the same background so that both of them have the same thing.  I thought that was a very loving gesture, all from the mother’s heart.


Business portraits

Today I did some business portraits for the upcoming Usana Health Advancement Magazine that is going to be published in couple of weeks.  This husband and wife team got promoted again and this month, they would be on the cover as the 7-Star Diamond Directors and would be sharing some success stories with the readers.  This is the third time I took editorial portraits of them and all the posing just became second nature :) . Looking forward for their next promotion again!  They are one hard working team!

Family session at the Inspiration Lake

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9 months old baby boy session at Stanley!

I love this smiling baby boy.  I met him before he was born, when he was still in his mom’s tummy!… then, I met him again at his Baptism at 6 months old.  now he is 9 months old already.  He has got the most innocent smiles!   Today, we went to Stanley for a quick portrait session.  It was a beautiful day, although the area was a little bit crowded (as today is public holiday) but we manage to get some shots at the Murray House and the beach.   Photos to be posted soon.