Oxfam Shooting Trip from Sept 7-14

I was invited by Oxfam (http://www.oxfam.org.hk) to be their photographer for a china trip this week (Sept 7-14) to 陝西 & 甘肅.   My duty will be to capture images for Oxfam’s work done for these villages for their newsletter.

As the two locations that I will be heading are very poor,  I doubt there will be daily internet access available.  If there is anything, do email me and I will get back to you as soon as I return.

This is a long awaited for opportunity for me as I had always wanted to do something like this…  going to places under poverty and service non-profit organizations like Oxfam with my camera.  I believe I will get many valuable inspirations from this experience, about life and people.   I AM VERY EXCITED!

The more I shoot, the more I admire people, not for visual beauty, but for inner beauty.  I hope to get some real nice images from this trip to share with you.

Stopping new bookings

I am jammed.  Thus, got to stop accepting new clients’ bookings from now (April 20 onwards) and see how things go.   I am now only doing shoots for pre-booked sessions or returning clients only.  For those who had newly contacted me may feel I am not too keen in getting the booking, not because I don’t want business, but I am just too jammed.  Half of the time I was struggling whether I should accept it or not.   I apologize for this.

I will work faster and update more good works here soon.

My Christmas Holiday

Just a quick announcement that my Christmas holiday will take place from Dec 22, 2009- Jan 4, 2010.   All office, enquiries, post production, shoots .. well basically everything will be OFF. Business *shall* resume on Jan 5, 2010.  As I am still not sure whether I will be going anywhere outside HK this holiday. so.. the resume schedule will  need to be confirmed at a later time.

Upcoming package price changes

There will be a price change on my Signature In-Home Session Package and its details starting November 22.  Signature In-Home Sessions will be HK$6080 and would include all unedited high resolutions from the session on CD.  For those who are interested in preserving old package price and package, you may make your purchase with the old price (HK$3380) by placing your order during this ‘transition period’ (i.e.: now til November 22nd, 2009).   This applies for Gift Certificate purchase too, which have 3  years expiration period for redemption.

Changes coming

There will be some big changes on my Signature In-Home & Outdoor Packages very soon.  Alot fo clients may not know… due to the required workflow from my current packages, it is necessary for me to work at least 60 hours per project (from start to finish).  In-Home sessions may take up to 100 hours!!!  This doesn’t really make sense I know… and making clients wait too long isn’t something that I wanted, as I know all of you want to share your photos ASAP to friends and family.   I would launch some new revised packages very soon and I hope these new packages would facilitate the whole delivery process.  I believe clients come to me because they liked my work…definitely not based on the price.  I would stay focus and make everything as simple as possible by offering less options.  The main reason why I do what I do is simply because I wanted to give you some beautiful captures of a frame of your life, on prints, through my lens and artistic vision.  I hope these frame of memories would bring a smile in your future and by simply this, it makes my existence and contribution meaningful. I will try not to be too hard on myself on the final editing part (still learning tho) as I know what I had captured already served the purpose.

Please stay tune for updates! :)

Get into the twitter hype

I had heard about it for so long and never really know what it was about. Well, the other day I had decided to join Twitter. I must say that it is a great tool to pull us (i.e.: me and you) closer together. You can ‘follow’ the people that you are interested in and receive instant update that answers the question “What are you doing?” right now. It is somewhat similar to rss newsfeed but just that you get all the news on same page, and the news are from real people that you know. You can post pictures and links via tools such as Twitpic or TinyUrl instantly via your phone to keep your followers updated. I followed some best friends, some photographers, vendors, business partners, plus some people / ezines that I am interested in.


I know at times I thought this seems like a pointless (or 無聊) habit… like why would someone care about what I do… like what I eat or who did I have lunch with. but actually, after joining nearly 2 weeks, it feels so good to have just few good friends up there that really cared. It is quite fun that I can check what they do everyday despite we are miles apart.

happyfotos twitter

Another photographer posted a video on how Twitter impacted his life. [B]ecker is one of my favorite wedding photographers. His website and portfolio is amazing, and elegantly inspirational.

Oprah Winfrey also mentioned Twitter on her show on April 17, 2009… Twitter’s server went down the next day due to sudden increase of new signups. She actually got 36,800+ new followers the next day.–> more details on this article “Oprah will kill Twitter, right?”

Happymoments Facebook Group

Twitter has its power, just like Facebook. As a daily Facebook user myself, I think these two are really good tools to connect with people. If you are on Facebook, please join my newly launched group “Happymoments | Modern Children’s Portraiture“. :) Some useful resources will be send to all members periodically about photography and children.

“Happy Faces” Photo Exhibition at Cityplaza

I am thrilled that my works are being exhibited at Cityplaza this weekend (i.e.: June 28-29, 2008). This photo exhibition is called “Happy Faces” and it featured some of the members of Enlighten whom I took pictures earlier as part of the Beautiful Moments project. This photo exhibition showcased many portraits of beautiful children and families with the biggest smiles and loving family relationships and its aim was to raise public’s awareness on epilepsy. I was strongly touched by their members and families during the photo sessions and I am grateful for having the opportunity to witness their loving bonds.

I look forward to serving many more people in the future and my life goal is to bring as many smiles and memories to as many people as possible, with my camera.

Happyfotos is in Next Magazine!

I just returned from my vocation today from Spain and was so excited to found out that our interview had just been released today in this latest Next Magazine (issue 953, page 122-123). I had to thank Next Media’s friendly team Cindy the reporter and City the photographer for inviting me to participate in this feature. I also had to sincerely thank my client the Mok family and Wing Yan for happily participating in the interview during our photo session. The kids got all excited and I am sure they found it a fun experience too!

Happyfoots is on Next Magazine

Thank you everybody! :)))