Party themes that would wow your guests! - resource

I know alot of moms had been scratching your heads on ideas on how to make your kid’s birthday party special.  I just discovered this wonderful resourceful blog that shares alot of real party ideas.  Please check hwtm out and subscribe to their RSS!   Under category “Real Parties” or “Kid’s Party Ideas“, and “Baby Showers Ideas“  there are pages and pages of inspiring posts and resource on planning a wonderful party!  My favorite theme by far is the Lollipop! Coz I love colours!

Hostess with the Mostess Blog

I love taking photos for parties with heavy themes.   I especially love outdoor parties with loads and loads of colours, cakes, pastries, kids running around and hopefully chase me around while I work!  as I truly enjoyed it!

Ran out of family picture poses? - resource

Here is a hilarious site to keep your posing ideas frrrresh and interesting! Actually, to my surprise, as i was browsing thru, i realized i had directed clients to do similar poses before.. oh no!! :P

Awkward Family Photos
Ran out of family picture poses? - resource

Why we need to take photographs?

There aren’t many songs around that talks about photography. Recently, a new song by Eason Chan called “沙龍” caught my attention and I think the lyrics was quite true.

登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒
港灣晚燈 山頂破曉 摘下懷念 記住美妙
升職那刻 新婚那朝 成為父母的一秒
要拍照的事 可不少
* full lyrics here

eason chan H3M song

After listening to this song, it reminds me of one of the wedding photo montages I created for my wedding client 4 years ago. I suddenly relook at it and their photographs and their childhood imagery really can make their past relive in front of my eyes. I would like to share with you here –> CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Backing up your memories

Do you do backups? Recently a client of mine told me that her hard drive crashed and several months of family photos disappeared from her 1 year old baby. Luckily, she had been emailing her friends her baby’s photos all along and was able to ‘recovered’ some photos back from her friends. I would like to share this client’s story as it could happen to all of us. Basically, a normal hard disk would crash when it is around 2-3 years old. If you had not been doing backup of your family photos, I urge you to do it now. I really mean NOW. As at this digital age, not many of us would have our photos printed out, and we thought it was save to simply transfer all the files to our computer, but it is NOT! I had my HD crashed several times before, it was really a pain to see valuable memories disappeared within seconds. We all have poor memories (well, at least I do)… and I rely heavily on ‘tangible things’ such as photos or writing to recall my memories from time to time. I would basically use my camera to capture anything that I would like to remember, and would write down all my thoughts to every detail on my passworded private blog (a.k.a. diary) so that I have something to enjoy when I grow old. Memories, to me, is the most important thing in life. I even kept all the secret notes I passed to my classmates at grade 9!

Having learned from these painful experiences, I now do 2-3 backup copies of everything. This would include 2 extra external HD backups, plus, 2 copies on DVDs (which I think was the safest format).

Some must backup memories:
- family pictures taken by digital camera
- family videos / sound files
- pictures taken by your mobile phone
- your family blog / personal blog
- emails

Suggestions on how to backup your memories:
- make 2 DVD copies (different brands) of your photos and store at different places
- set your computer to automatically do daily backup for all your files
- make prints regularly and store them in photo albums, sorted by year
- if you keep a blog / journal of your baby / family, check with your blog provider / hosting provider for backup options
- make backing up your HD a habit and a regular routine (eg: at least once every 2 months etc..)

Hope this post would be useful to you.

“Love and Care” Family photo competition - resource

I am a loyal RTHK fans and I found out that they are running a photo competition that aims to promote family core values - “Love and Care”, “Respect and Responsibility”, and “Communication and Harmony”. By submitting a family photo which conveys the message “Loving Family - Feel it, Hear it, Hug it”, you might have a chance to win wonderful prizes and most importantly, spread your love and positive energies to others and increase public’s awareness on the importance of family love.

RTHK Family Photo Competition

I believe a picture speaks a thousand words! Let others feel and share your love!

Deadline: Feb 28, 2009

Tutus and Pettiskirts - resource

As some of you may know, I would be launching a special for Tutus soon! This means that when you take photos with your baby wearing a tutu, you would get some yummy complimentary gifts or even discounts! (details tbc at promotion release).

So for moms with your cute baby girl that is over 6 months old now.. it is time to grab a tutu dress or a pettiskirt online for some dress up fun. The good thing about these skirts is that they can fit for several years of age. It is a perfect theme for outdoor session… especially if we take photos at a location with lots of greens and trees.

The following are my favorite Tutu shops (as recommended by my client). They make great quality tutus and they ship to Hong Kong. There are so many different styles you can choose from on their sites. I had some hard time finding similarly nice Tutu dress in HK. I know there are some shops at Li Yuen Street West in Central and Pottinger Street that sells tutu dress, and costumes, but the quality are not as good and are more towards “dress-ups” or “costumes” direction. If any of you know which shops in HK sells nice tutu dress, please let me know and I will post it up and share.

Jaela Frederick - An Upscae Women’s and Children’s Boutique


I HAD to blog about this as this is so much FUN! Photofunia is a cool online tool that could generate fun pictures with your images. The simulation is so realistic, these programmers just rock!! Playing around with it for the past 10 mins already gave me a fun escape from my work!    Now I share the fun with you here while I get back to work..  LOTS in progress!


Pottery Barn Frames & Albums

I came across Pottery Barn’s website awhile ago and would love to share this inspiring website with you all. It is loaded with modern framing ideas and decorating tips. It has videos and examples showing you how to decorate your home with picture frames and storyboards, and the unlimited options you can do with your pictures! In Hong Kong, not many people has as big a house like those shown in this website, but I think it can give you a general idea of what you can do with your favorite portraits.

Pottery Barn Reference
Photo from Pottery Barn

Potery Barn Reference
Photo from Pottery Barn

I had been looking for these frames in Hong Kong and there aren’t many that can be found besides custom framing.  I wish there is a place in Hong Kong with that many choices!