3 year old girl’s birthday party at Mira Hotel

More details to be posted soon.

Private tram ride anniversary celebration

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 36) - ACA’s Good Parenting Project Closing Ceremony Gala

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 35) - Instant Christmas Portraits for 1st Step Association

More details to be posted soon.

2 year old Birthday Party

More details to be posted soon.

Instant photobooth family portraits!

More details to be posted soon.

Happy Halloween… let’s see who is the scariest!

More details to be posted soon.

3 year old girl’s birthday party at AMC Adventure Zone

More details to be posted soon.

2 year old girl’s Birthday Party

More details to be posted soon.

Birthday Celebration Portrait Session at W Hotel

More details to be posted soon.

7 year old boy’s ice-skating birthday party

Hmmm… when was the last time I ice-skated?  It was sooooooo long time ago that I don’t quite remember…at least over 15 years ago.  I must thank my client for giving me this fun opportunity to shoot for her boy’s 7-year-old birthday party.  The birthday party was held at Aberdeen Marina Club, at the Ice Skating Rink.   All guests get to ice-skate.  Of  course, with me being the photographer,  I should get on ice too!   It was totally fun and all kids had a great time.  It was a great cozy party!

7 year old girl’s birthday party at Disneyland Hotel

More details to be posted soon.

2-day Birthday celebration shoot at Le Méridien Cyberport Hotel for a 1 year old boy

I totally enjoyed these two days shoot.  Lots to share and to be posted soon.

5 year old boy’s birthday party

More details to be posted soon.

1 year old boy’s birthday party

More details to be posted soon.

Family session at the Peninsula Hotel

So happy to see my old clients from Happymoments.net, … old meaning, I’ve met them six years ago when I was designing their wedding march-in video.  After 6 years, they are now celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary with their 4 years old boy at the same hotel they held their wedding at.  The session was very fun as their boy was super adorable and friendly.  He was very creative and took part in directing the family poses for the session too.  Oh.. i love seeing old friends and clients!

Family session at the Inspiration Lake

More details to be posted soon.

60th Birthday Party Celebration

Today, is Mrs. Chong’s 60th birthday!  It was a very warm event as all the grand children, family members and close friends were here.   It was a very well-planned evening by her children and I can feel Mrs. Chong is very loved by every one who knows her.   I was honored to take part in taking pictures for them for the night.

Dress-up party!!!

More to be posted soon.

2 year old birthday girl party

More details to be posted soon.

Beautiful Moments (Part 28) - Enlighten Epilepsy Awareness Month Launch Ceremony

Anson Chan at Enlighten Epilepsy Awareness Month Launch Ceremony

3 year old Toy Story themed birthday boy party at Gymboree

More details coming soon!

2 year old birthday girl party with Elmo & Goofy!!

Details coming soon.

1 year old baby girl birthday lunch at the Peninsula Hotel

Details coming soon.

Baptism Ceremony at St. John’s Cathedral

Today, I photographed the baptism ceremony for a 6 months old boy at the St. John’s Cathedral on this bbeeeautiful sunny day.  The ceremony is followed by a cocktail reception at the courtyard.  I will share with you the photos shortly.

Wall Climbing Party

Today, I went to shoot for a 7 year old boy’s birthday party at YMCA.  A challenging wall climbing session was offered to the children guests and they all had great fun!  More details to be posted soon.

Winnie-the-Pooh themed Birthday Party

Today, I was photographing for a 2 year old girl’s birthday party at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel.  The party theme was Winnie-the-Pooh and the event organizer Kareena from Personalizestuff.com did a really good job.  The whole party was very well planned and beautifully decorated. All the guests had a great time.  Besides taking picture for the party, I also helped the guests and families take some family portraits on the spot and give them instant photos to take home for memory.  This is a new service that I had been carrying at parties.

Beautiful Moments (Part 25) - Changing Young Lives Foundation Centre Opening Ceremony

Today, I was invited by Changing  Young Lives to help them shoot for their Pak Tin Centre’s opening ceremony.  I hope I can share some photos here with you.


1 year old Birthday Party + Cake Smashing Session

Today, I went to photograph for a 1 year old sweet boy’s birthday party held at the Aberdeen Marina Club.  There was so much to share and I will post this one up soon!!

first birthday cake smashing session

Beautiful Moments (Part 24): McDonald birthday party for a group of babies!

Today, I was invited by ACA (again.. yes, they love me haha) to help them take some photos of a birthday party they’ve organized for their Good Parenting Project users. The birthday party took place at McDonald!!!   Tell you frankly, I’ve NEVER been to a McDonald birthday party before.  When I was a kid, I always dream to have a McDonald birthday party.  All those birthday hats, gifts, and meal sets look all very attractive to me.  Since back in those days, having birthday parties was a luxury for kids, I never thought of asking to have one nor been invited to one.  I  can’t believe after xx years now, I am finally invited to one!

The party includes around 12 birthday babies who are born in the month of September to December.  There were more than 20 families whom attended the party and everyone enjoyed the food (which you can order like a buffet, thanks to ACA), the games, the cake cutting, and the chatting and sharing times.  I of course enjoyed the kids!  There were so many smiling faces there!

I finally had my ‘first time’!  I enjoyed it alot!I can’t remember how many years I had my birthday lunch at McDonald (well that WAS my favorite back then and when my mom ask me where to go on my birthday, I would scream “McDonald” with my sister!).   I still remember collecting all of the 漢堡神偷 (Hamburglar) souveniers, as he was my favorite character.    滑嘟嘟 (Grimace) is my second favorite! After my lunch, my mom and dad would let us play at the McDonald playground for a loooong time.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 23): It’s almost Halloween!! BOO!!!

Today, I joined with 突破十九 to do some instant portraits to fund-raise for the under-privilege children via this Halloween Party!  It was real fun!  I will post more details to share with you soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 22): Family portraits for HKFB members

Today, I was really really excited to have been invited by HKFB to help their members take some family portraits.  This lovely lady Obi contacted me thru Ho-sum.org few months ago as she thought it would be nice to give some family portraits for their members.  As their members are all visually impaired, thus, their children rarely have the chance to take family portraits.  I thought this was a very meaningful idea and I was all up for this!

Obi arranged over 10 dress-ups and costumes for the children to put on for the photo session.  She even arranged a professional makeup artist to help the kids do the hair and makeup.  I shot for 8 hours straight and I was still super hyper and clicking my shutters non-stop till the last session.  I really enjoyed kids from the 4yo-9yo range. They are so full of character and personality. During the session, the kids were so keen to learn photography and wanted to try shooting themselves. I gave them my camera, gave them few quick instructions (such as how to turn the lens to zoom), and they ended up directing the shoot within minutes.  They already observed how I did it, so they just regurgitate what was seen.  They directed the model, told them how to pose, help them fix their dress, told them what expressions to make etc..  It was totally funny and I truly enjoyed looking at them shooting their way.  They looked like mini art directors or fashion stylist to me.   Too bad I didn”t have a second camera with me that day otherwise I would definitely snap the scene and show you.  Frankly speaking, their works rock!   Some of them, you can’t tell the difference whether it was I who shot it or them :P

I hope I can teach them some day!   I always have the idea that it would be so good if I could have a team of photographers who are either all children, all 更生人仕, or all youths, who can go out with me to service the community as a professional team. It would be such a nice concept and I think it would be loads of fun!

I basically shot over 1800 photos today, for 11 families.. around 45 mins photo session each.  Loads and loads to post process!


Beautifulmoments Project (Part 19) - Capturing smiles for the Physically Handicapped

Today, I had a super wonderful time capturing the smiles for the members of 1st Step Association during their 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner held at the Regal Oriental Hotel.  I setup a portable studio at a corner of their dinner venue and the members and families could just come to the set and take some portraits for some fun time and memories.  What’s different from my past volunteering events was that this time 1st Step had brilliantly arranged facilities to do instant printouts of the photos on the spot!!   I felt so hyper and excited to see a long line up of members, waiting patiently and wheeling excitingly to the set to have their photographs taken.  I had a wonderful time and I’m sure the members did too!  As this is my first time working for the physically handicapped, this opportunity had brought me many inspirations as well.    In roughly 2 hrs, I have took portraits for around 60 members and staffs, some with families, some with their friends.  I sincerely hope they liked their photos.   Well, it was really sweet to have a member came up to me to ask for my autograph on his photo :)))).  Moments like these would fuel me, as it means they liked the photo.

I hope 1st Step can allow me to spend some time  on editing the rest of the good shots so that I can post more prints back to their members to keep for memories.  As they only printed one photo for each member that day, and I took more than 5  good shots each. …. but guess the handling part might be too complicated as this is suppose to be an one-off event.

Double Moon Party at the HKJC Beas River Country Club

More details to be posted soon.

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 18) - Elders portraits

Today, it’s China 60th Anniversary and it’s a public holiday.  Helping Hand has organized a day camp and dinner for their members and families to go to Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre  ( 樟木頭老人度假中心 ) to spend their day.  The elders can freely participate in any activity booths (i.e. : making their own mooncake, lantern workshops etc).  My part was to give them some beautiful family portraits using the mid-autumn festival as theme (we have got many different lanterns as props).  What’s satisfying for my part today is, when I show the elders the photos from the back of my camera’s LCD after the session, many of them said to me with the most grateful voice that they love the photo!  They kept on saying ‘thank you thank you. very beautiful! really very beautiful!’.   They sound as if they haven’t seen themselves looking this beautiful for a long time.   I felt very happy about this.    I hope my final prints will give them another big smile!

Beautifulmoments Project (Part 17) - Pumpkin Carriage at Studio

More details to be posted soon.

Good Parenting Project sharing meeting

I was invited to take some event snaps for this parents sharing meeting held at the Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC).  It involves many participant families from the Good Parenting Project (GPP) organized by Against Child Abuse (ACA).  And when I arrived, wow!!  Babies everywhere… all < 1 year old. The youngest was only 80 days!   I wish I had my portable studio and proper gears (backdrops + softbox etc..) with me so I could take more formal portraits of these lovely babies and families, as this was the perfect occasion to offer them some quick family portraits to keep.  I guess this opportunity would come again soon as they might host a family camp in December.  Anyway, I took many cute portraits of the events, will share with you soon.

Three 1 year old baby girls’ birthday party!

Many cute babies, home-made birthday cakes, and baby talks everywhere (coz almost all are < 18 months old).  I notice babies can REALLY communicate among themselves. It is amazing to hear them talking.   It was a friendly and cozy party!  and we even did a mini cake smashing session outside.  More photos to share with you soon.

8 Bbbbeaautiful girls! A fashion shoot party!

I feel extremely excited throughout the session.  These girls rock!   I mean rock hard!   Shooting them makes me feel younger :P  They are full of energies! More photos would be posted soon.

Party themes that would wow your guests! - resource

I know alot of moms had been scratching your heads on ideas on how to make your kid’s birthday party special.  I just discovered this wonderful resourceful blog that shares alot of real party ideas.  Please check hwtm out and subscribe to their RSS!   Under category “Real Parties” or “Kid’s Party Ideas“, and “Baby Showers Ideas“  there are pages and pages of inspiring posts and resource on planning a wonderful party!  My favorite theme by far is the Lollipop! Coz I love colours!

Hostess with the Mostess Blog

I love taking photos for parties with heavy themes.   I especially love outdoor parties with loads and loads of colours, cakes, pastries, kids running around and hopefully chase me around while I work!  as I truly enjoyed it!

Ally turns 5!

More details of this birthday party to be posted soon.

June 1 - International Children’s Day

Today, I was invited to photograph for this sharing forum, titled ” Pioneers’ Voices on Child Protection and Children’s Rights” , organized by ACA.   The event was highly packed with invaluable information, statistics, and insights; presented by a panel of 12 speakers.  This forum provided insights and resources on how Hong Kong should go about in bringing child protection and child rights to the next level in the coming decade. Some key speakers were Dr. Patricia Ip (葉麗嫦醫生), Dr. Gladys Lam (林陳蘭德博士), Dr. Chow Chun Bong (周鎮邦醫生), Mrs. Selina Chow (周梁淑怡), and  Hon Cyd Ho Sau Lan (何秀蘭議員).  The forum was inspiring to me.  Almost everyone is aware of the child abuse problem in our society, but executing a more effective system requires time and are often bounded by limitations not within our control. I’d say the first determining step to protect the children of our future starts from every home.  Love your children in a way without disempowering them or disrespecting them.  We adults, actually have a lot to learn from children, thus, do not see ourselves as superior to them.  They know many truths in life on how to live happily which we have forgotten.  Hitting or spanking your child would result in alot of negative emotions for both you and your child.   IMO, I think parental love involves respect, understanding, freedom, friendship, acceptance, guidance, and support.  How about you?

3 year old birthday party

I love outdoor parties.  I just like shooting in daylight!   Today, this lovely darling turns 3 and her mom had amazingly prepared this wonderful birthday party for her.  All her guests had fun running around in this open space and playground.   More photos to be shared with you soon.

2 year old baby girl’s birthday party!

Today, I was invited to document this 2 year old baby girl’s birthday party.  This is the 3rd time I photographed her as her beautiful mom just had an in-home pregnancy and newborn session with me few weeks ago (she had a baby boy!)  Besides having loads of toys, drawing pads, games, and yummy food for the party guests, her mom also wanted me to setup a portable studio at her party venue so that I can help her guests take some family photos!   I loved this idea so much!  The guests were very excited about the idea (including the kids) and I’ve captured many families that day.   I will share some photos with you all soon.

First Birthday Cake-Smashing Session

This session is hilariously fun! This baby girl will turn 1 next week and her mom had decided to give her an in-home cake-smashing session to celebrate her first birthday today. This baby girl was quite gentle with the cake and we had to wait awhile before she engage into action.

Obviously, she had fun! This was taken in the first 5 minutes encounter with the cake.

First Birthday Cake Smashing Session

And you may wonder how the cake and this baby girl ended up at the end? … stay tune! :)

First Birthday Celebration!

Today, I was invited to a korean baby girl’s first birthday party.   More exciting details and photos to be shared with you soon.

2 year old birthday party!

The more I shoot birthday parties, the more I love it! Mainly because it is a place filled with ALOT of beautiful kids and loving parents. It is also a place where all the parents are having good times with their children. Family love basically fills the air. Every time I witness a loving relationship in front of my eyes, it warmed up my heart. And I would try my best to capture these moments for myself and for my subjects to remember. This party was held at a clubhouse and some details include giant bouncy castle, hand painting, puppet show, as well as a beautiful birthday cupcake tree.  More photos to be share with you all soon.

The Mok’s Family Dinner

40 family members, 3 family generations finally have the chance to gather together. The last time they gathered together was in the mid 1970s!!! This family dinner is definitely a very important event worth to remembered. Besides capturing the dinner itself, they wanted me to setup a portable studio at their dinner venue and help do some family pictures for them. This was such a wonderful idea since we can get everybody in the picture at one opportunity (using the home-session logistic). We took all the studio family pictures before dinner starts.. and this night was very relaxing and nostalgic where everyone is catching up and having good times with each other.

Here’s a capture of the youngest of their family member… she is such a sweetie!

The Mok’s Family Dinner

More photos to be shared with you all soon.

Christmas Party at the International Riding Centre

Today, I was invited to help take pictures for a Christmas party at the International Riding Centre. Besides having Cinderella doing tattoos and Santa Claus playing games with the children, one of the highlights was of course, horse riding! Every children gets a turn to take a short ride. The kids sure got excited! More photos and details to be posted soon and share with you all.

Turning 1!

This little girl just turned one and her lovely mother threw her a memorable first birthday party.  More exciting details and photos to be posted soon.

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